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Campaign Finance Law Requires Meticulous Attention

Campaign finance regulations are extensive and complex. Furthermore, regulatory and governmental entities closely observe how money moves through the political sphere. It is not unusual for these entities to investigate political campaign committees, parties and other groups – often at the request of political opponents.

Given the high scrutiny of campaign finance law, Barton Mendez Soto PLLC provides thorough counsel and representation from our Arizona office. We work to proactively minimize risks by helping our clients organize compliant systems and practices. Whether you have started a new political entity or face a conflict, our lawyers have the experience needed to advise you.

Gain In-Depth Political Compliance Assistance

Activities that are commonly subject to campaign finance law regulations include:

  • Soliciting, accepting and tracking donor contributions
  • Gathering identifying information from donors with total election cycle contributions of at least $50 as well as disclosing the collection of this information
  • Maintaining complete and accurate financial records, including donation records
  • Preparing reports of funding sources and expenditures as necessary
  • Tracking and evaluating nonmonetary in-kind contributions, excluding volunteer services
  • Holding fundraising events
  • Purchasing political advertisements
  • Approving expenditures for costs of supplies and other needs

From the beginning of the election cycle and throughout the entirety of your campaign, our attorneys offer insight regarding the nuances of campaign finance law. There are often specific codes that apply to a particular situation. If you have questions while managing finances, our firm can give you reliable advice.

Our Risk Assessment Services Focus On Precision And Opportunity

Making assumptions about whether a certain action or inaction is permissible can pose a big risk to a political entity. Our lawyers will work with you at every phase of the process to protect your political action committee or organization.

We dive into the details, identifying restrictions and obligations to help you clarify your strategy. However, we also leave the important decisions within your control. Our job is to recommend options for success; you can tap into our knowledge to develop a customized plan.

Minimize Your Exposure To Regulatory Snares

Finance is a major element of elections and policy creation. Because money has the power to influence outcomes at the local, state and federal levels, ensuring compliance is vital.

Our team at Barton Mendez Soto PLLC has experience with prominent political entities, including the state and county political parties and several high-profile campaigns. We know how to navigate the complexity of Arizona election laws. Email us or call 480-637-0960 for a consultation.