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Create A Political Entity To Embody Your Mission

Formalizing a political entity can have many benefits. With an entity, you can work to shape the outcome of elections or increase funding and spending to meet higher goals. Entities may also offer tax exemption benefits. However, taking a meaningful vision to the next step can be a complicated process.

At Barton Mendez Soto PLLC, we collaborate with groups, businesses and individuals to form the right political entity for their purposes. Our Arizona election law attorneys have deep experience in this unique area of law, which allows us to provide comprehensive counsel.

Assess Your Entity Options

There are a few types of political entities, such as:

  • 527 political action committees (PACs): The entity focuses on opposing or advocating for specific election candidates or political interests.
  • 501(c)(3) charitable organizations: The entity cannot work to favor or oppose a particular political candidate, nor can it participate in any restricted political activities such as those that a PAC may conduct. However, it may work toward limited nonpartisan political goals such as increasing voter turnout.
  • 501(c)(4) social welfare organizations: The entity’s main purpose is to improve the common welfare rather than serve private interests. While that definition may seem vague and subjective, particularly in terms of policy advocacy, there are specific qualifications and restrictions for this entity type.

We can thoroughly review your methods and objectives to recommend an option that aligns with your plan. Choosing a suboptimal entity could have consequences on your activities, taxes and fundraising. Choosing an optimal entity, however, can allow your organization to grow and bring its mission to life.

When forming a political or civic entity, it is also important to consider compliance with campaign finance law, donation reporting regulations and other rules. Our team can help forecast potential legal and financial risks so that you can move forward with clear information.

Strategic, Creative Counsel For Your Political Goals

The decision – or obligation – to form an entity can have significant implications. Our trusted law firm has earned a reputation for our engagement in the political and legal spheres. We have worked alongside some of Arizona’s most prominent political groups and activists. Now, we continue to advise the leaders of the future.

Call 480-637-0960 or email our firm in Tempe to consult with a dedicated lawyer. Barton Mendez Soto PLLC offers services at a flat-fee rate, which allows new entities to accurately budget while gaining professional insight.