Defining Non-Physical Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Female remote worker frustrated about being harassed by coworker

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious issue that can negatively impact your work mindset. While many may think of sexual harassment as physical misconduct, it can also take the form of non-physical behaviors.

What is Non-Physical Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Non-physical workplace sexual harassment is a form of misconduct that occurs outside of physical contact. This type of harassment reflects and reinforces the unequal power dynamics between genders, races, and other forms of difference in the workplace and involves unwelcome verbal or non-verbal behavior that creates a hostile or intimidating environment.

Examples of Non-Physical Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Non-physical sexual harassment can take many forms. It may involve:

  • Offensive conduct, language, jokes;
  • Comments that are sexual, regularly made, and unwelcome or offensive;
  • Unwanted requests of a sexual nature, such as emails asking for sexual favors;
  • Situations where an employee is threatened with negative consequences if they do not comply with the requests; and,
  • Invasion of privacy by using images of someone without their permission, such as posting pictures online.

All of this behavior is inappropriate and should not be tolerated in any workplace environment.

The Effects of Non-Physical Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Non-physical sexual harassment has far-reaching effects in the workplace, ranging from detrimental mental health impacts on its victims to lower productivity levels among all employees. It can create an uncomfortable atmosphere that chips away at the normal functioning of a team or an organization. Some may even find themselves leaving their job just to escape the toxic environment – leading to depleted morale and weaker employee retention for businesses.

Are You Experiencing Non-Physical Sexual Harassment at Work?

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