Why Some Employers Aren’t Hiring Veterans

Military woman shaking hands with a female hiring agent

With so many companies saying they need employees, it’s hard to imagine that an employer would turn away someone who seems like a qualified candidate. Unfortunately, this is happening, and one demographic in particular has been discriminated against for some time.

Veterans, the individuals who put their lives on the line to protect those in this country, are unfairly being targeted by many employers. According to military.com, there are four main reasons why this is happening:

1. Skills Translation

A veteran may not be the best candidate for a job they are applying for based on their knowledge of the necessary skill needed to complete a job. In particular, if a veteran is applying for a job that isn’t related to the military, they may not have the best understanding of the skills a job requires.

2. Stereotypes

Someone may assume that a veteran is too formal or unwilling to adapt quickly to a particular job’s demands. However, any employer should keep an open mind and clarify in their job posting the qualifications and other targeted areas they are looking for in an applicant.

3. Concern About Potential Future Deployments

An employee with the reserves or a guardsman may have to deal with potential future deployments. Employers with small businesses may be concerned about this as they only hire a certain number of employees and know they can not say “no” to those who are demanded to continue their military commitment.

4. Acclimating to a “Corporate” Culture

Employers may not feel that a potential veteran employee will “fit” into the “corporate” culture for which the potential employee is applying. This includes an employee effectively communicating with others or the company and overcoming hurdles such as working with others in a corporate environment.

How Barton Mendez Soto PLLC Can Help

The legal team at Barton Mendez Soto PLLC knows that if you are a veteran who feels they were denied employment based upon their military status that there are actions you can take. See what Barton Mendez Soto PLLC can do for you by contacting our employment attorneys online or by phone. (480) 418-0668

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