Arizona Age Discrimination in the Workplace

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Have you ever felt your age prevented you from getting the job you deserve? In Arizona, it is against the law to be discriminated against in the workplace based on age. Unfortunately, this kind of discrimination happens often and not just to older employees.

The Arizona age discrimination lawyers at Barton Mendez Soto PLLC look into age discrimination in Arizona workplaces so that everyone can feel safe and protected from unjust treatment no matter their stage of life.

Defining Age Discrimination and Who It Affects

Age discrimination in Arizona encompasses any form of workplace discrimination based on an employee's age. This can range from simple favoritism towards younger employees over older ones to more severe forms of discriminatory harassment or termination based on one's age.

Though the term' age discrimination' may lead people to think of favoritism towards younger workers, ageism affects both the young and the elderly alike. Employers may refuse to hire someone because they are too young or too old for a given role or treat them differently due to their age. When younger workers are discriminated against, it is sometimes called "reverse age discrimination" because it goes against traditional discrimination stereotypes.

While state and federal legislation does exist to protect all ages from such mistreatment, each employee in Arizona needs to understand their rights and know that age-based discrimination is illegal.

Recognizing Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Common signs of age discrimination include:

  • Jokes or comments made at a certain person's expense because they are either too young or too old;
  • Lower levels of respect given to younger or older employees; and,
  • Barriers preventing advancement due to age.

If you suspect this behavior is occurring in your workplace, consider talking to a Human Resources representative to get advice and protect yourself and others from this illegal practice.

The Legal Rights for Victims of Age Discrimination in Arizona

Arizona state law makes it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their age in the workplace. Victims of workplace age discrimination have legal rights under the federal Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and relevant state statutes. In Arizona, resources are available to help protect employees from unlawful discrimination due to age, whether they have been denied job opportunities, lost wages or benefits, or are victims of harassment. Employers might be held liable if an employee is found to be discriminated against because of their age.

The Arizona employment lawyers at Barton Mendez Soto PLLC are available and prepared to help you fight against age discrimination in the workplace! Do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team(480) 418-0668.

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